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#SmartTravellerTips on Choosing the Right Luggage

#SmartTravellerTips on Choosing the Right Luggage

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter looking for a full-size luggage or a long weekender on the hunt for a new carry-on, buying luggage that’ll be your travel buddy for years to come deserves careful consideration.

So, if you’re looking to shop for a new luggage that will make your next #vaxication a breeze, keep in mind these #SmartTravellerTips.

Step 1: Ask yourself the important questions.

  1. Where am I going?

  2. How am I getting there?

  3. How long will my trip be?

Depending on how long or how you will travel, ensure that your choices will make your journey smoother for you. 

Step 2: Check the size, weight, and capacity.

  1. Check the overall size of the luggage. It should be limited to what you can handle and is suitable for your trip.

  2. Especially for air travel, check the luggage allowance and allowed weight limit of the airline you’ll be traveling with.


(In photo: World Traveller Luggage Netherlands set in Salmon)


For carry-ons, they should be less than 53cm in height. And for check-in luggage, the minimum height is 66cm.


Step 3: Choose between  Two Wheels, 4 Single Wheels, 4 Twin Wheels.

Two Wheels


  • Lighter than the 4-wheels

  • Rolls forward and backward

  • Easier to maneuver on uneven surfaces


  • Has higher risk of tipping over if not balanced

  • You must drag it behind you all the time

Four Wheels (4 single wheels / 4 twin wheels)


  • Have wheels that rotate 360 degrees

  • Glides easier than the 2-wheels

  • Easier to pull sideways

  • Allows you to roll your luggage next to you, push it or pull it

  • Enjoy an even distribution of weight

  • Carry heavy loads easier

  • Stroll around the city in a breeze.


  • External wheels don’t maximize space


Step 4: Double check the material.


(In photo: World Traveller Luggage Malta in Amber Glow)

Soft Case

  • Perfect as a carry-on

  • Flexible: easier to squeeze into overhead bins

  • Lightweight

  • Absorbs shock better than hard case

(In photo: World Traveller Luggage Taipei 2.0 in Warm Grey)

Hard Case

  • Better protection for fragile items

  • Featherweight but also extremely durable and strong

  • Easier to clean


  1. Use hard case luggage for regular vacations and soft case luggage for road trips since it’s less bulky.

  2. Look out for water-resistant materials or luggage that has been treated with a moisture-resistant sealant on the inside to help keep your belongings dry.

Step 5: Look for smart features.

  1. Expandability

  • Ideal for those who love to shop for souvenirs or tend to overpack.

  • Expandability also gives you more room to reuse your luggage on multiple occasions.

  1. Compartments

  • The more pockets and compartments, the more useful it can be to help organize all your belongings.

  1. Side Handles

  • Make sure that the luggage has strong and durable handles that will withstand the weight of your belongings.

  1. Tie-Down Adjustable Straps

  • Great for helping you compress your belongings and keeps your personal belongings securely in place.

  1. Warranty

  • Make sure to register for warranty upon purchase.


Step 6: Don’t skimp on security.

(In photo: World Traveller Luggage Netherlands in Salmon)


TSA Locks

  • Whether built-in or added on your luggage, make sure that your lock/padlock/cable tie is TSA-approved for extra security. 

  • These locks feature the red TSA logo and have a universal master key.

  • Only the TSA has a copy of this key, which allows the security staff to open your suitcase and examine its contents without causing damage.


Security Zippers

  • Theft-delaying brackets provide extra security and peace of mind.

A few more tips

  1. Visit a physical store so you can test the luggage before purchasing.

  • This way you can determine which style, and size suits you the best.

  1. If you are online shopping, order your luggage in advance so you can return it if it’s not suited to you or if it has a manufacturing defect.

  2. When traveling, invest in travel insurance that covers lost or stolen baggage.

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