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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us take some things of your mind for a seamless transaction and travel experience.

  • Do you have World Traveller outside PH?

    Yes, World Traveller has partners across Asia Pacific such as:

    Primer Kenrich Sdn. Bhd.

    PT Yuna Asia

    Primer Uniglobe Singapore PTE Ltd.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

    Yes, we offer a 2-year warranty on select items. Learn more about it here.

  • Which luggage should I choose?

    When purchasing a luggage, you must first ask yourself the following.

    1. What is the purpose of your trip?

      If you're travelling for leisure, we would recommend purchasing a bigger luggage so you have more space for unplanned purchases. Where as, a business trip would require a bag built with compartments to safely store gadgets.

    2. What size / capacity luggage is suitable?

      The longer a trip, the larger your luggage should be. If you're travelling for more than a week, consider purchasing larger luggage with a minimum height of 66 cm. For shorter trips, small luggage that are less than 53 cm in height will suffice.

      Be sure to also check the luggage allowance of the airline you're travelling with. The size requirements for carry-on and check-in luggage vary for each airline.

    3. Should I purchase hard or soft case luggage?

      Hard case luggage are made with Polycarbonate, ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), PP (Polypropylene) or aluminum. This type of luggage provide more protection for any fragile items stored inside.

      Soft case luggage are made of fabrics that are lightweight yet offer more flexibility. This is ideal for travellers that need the extra yield for additional items that need to be packed.

  • Are your soft case luggage waterproof?

    No, our soft cases are not water-proof. However, World Traveller's softcases are made out of either nylon or polyster, which are the most known water-resistant materials.

  • IATA has a restriction regarding the size of carry on luggage. Do your luggage collections comply with this new restriction?

    Yes, we ensure that every collection of World Traveller complies with the international standards in order for us to cater all kinds of travellers.

  • I forgot the combination on my built-in lock. How do I unlock my luggage?

    You may bring your luggage to any of our service centers and have it reset.

    We recommend you to use a temporary lock until you can bring your luggage to our service centers.

  • The luggage I bought has a keyhole but the Sales Associate did not give me a key. Where can I get it?

    If your suitcase/luggage has the TSA Combination Lock, locking and unlocking is via the combination lock. The keyhole is for airport officials use only – there are no keys supplied to you. These airport officials have the authority of opening and re-locking your luggage whenever a physical inspection is required.

  • I bought a carry-on luggage but the airport personnel required me to have my luggage checked-in. Why?

    The measurement of our carry on luggage complies with the restrictions provided by IATA. However, each airline have different carry-on luggage restrictions. If your carry-on luggage exceeds the restricted weight provided by the airline, they will require you to have it checked in. It is best to check with your airline's guidelines before travelling.

  • I received a World Traveller item as a gift. How can I avail of the warranty?

    Ensure that your item is within the 2 year warranty. If so, email with the details and our customer service team will redirect you to the nearest service center.

  • I ordered my item at World Traveller website and it was damaged when I received it. How do I proceed?

    Email your concerns and order details to and our customer service team will make the necessary arrangements. For more information about returns and exchange, head over to our Shipping and Returns page.

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